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Fennec Foxes - Introduction

 Fennec Foxes - Pictures
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The Fennec Foxes are truly amazing animals. This species is the most famous in the world and the smallest too. Being a desert species, convergent evolution has made it similar to the kit fox in several ways. Its thick coat serves to insulate it from the desert sun, and its light sandy color reflects excessive heat and helps to blend with the surroundings.

In Arab nations the animals have been kept as pets, and they are probably the only fox species marginally suitable as such. The Fennec fox life span is ten to twelve years. The animal has long whiskers that help them sense its surroundings in the dark or in a burrow. Inside fox's ears grow hair to prevent sand and insects from entering.

Fennec Foxes - Keeping Fennec Fox at Home

The animals are rarely seen. Humans often hunt them even though the Fennec fox does not cause any harm to human interests. This is the only type of fox that can be tamed to live at home as a pet. These animals can be kept as dogs although they cannot be completely domesticated. Fennec Foxes are friendly towards strangers, pets and household animals.

Fennec Foxes - Interesting Facts

Despite its tiny size these creatures are very hardy and fierce predators. They are adapted to living in the most unsuitable climates. The animals range in much of the 2.2 million square miles of North Africa's Sahara Desert and east to the Arabian Desert. During most of the day, the animals spend their time under the earth in the burrow, where the heat of the desert sun cannot reach it. Only close to the dusk does this creature leave its shelter to hunt.

Thanks to their large ears, the fox's hearing is very sharp and it can easily pinpoint the rustling of a small rodent in an underground nest or the movement of an insect in the sand. If there is enough prey, the Fennec Fox may store it nearby in a burrow so it can later be dug up and eaten in leaner times.

Notably, the Fennec fox can jump unusually high for its body size. And, Fennec Foxes have binocular vision that allows it to see extremely well in the dark.

Fennec Foxes - Links

 Fennec Foxes - Pictures
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 Fennec Foxes - Pictures
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